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WYLD CBD+CBN 20ct Elderberry Gummies

"I like the CBD gummies!!! They are great…love the flavor! Great mix with Ashwaganda for me!”

- A. (8/23/22)

  • CBN Enhanced - relaxing both body and mind
  • Real-fruit infused - no artificial flavors or colors
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract - THC Free
  • Trusted Dosing - 25mg CBD - 5mg CBN per gummy

CBD Cannabinoids
CBD is the cannabinoid best known for it's relaxing, calming effects. It is non-psychoactive and often used for health benefits and as a daily supplement.

CBN Cannabinol
Midly-psychoactive, CBD is the cannabinoid that THC breaks down into over time. CBD's sedating effects make it perfect for relaxing and sleep.

Perfect for sleep! It's like watching sheep count you.



Real fruit ingredients and endless lab testing means that you can have an enjoyable experience safely and consistently



Our team of food scientists work daily to ensure we uphold the strictest measures of excellence in both quality and flavor, and we proudly deliver both in every serving of Wyld CBD.



People who know us know we stand by our product, and put our passion for greatness into everything we do. It’s the only secret ingredient we have, and we like to think it makes everything taste that much better