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Independent Testing Results

Not all CBD products are properly labeled. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 84 commercially available CBD products on the internet were chemically analyzed by an independent lab. The researchers found that only 31% of the products tested contained the precise amount of CBD advertised on the label (within the acceptable margin of error). – Source: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2661569

We include all five statements required by the FDA when labeling a food supplement; the name of the dietary supplement, the amount of the supplement in the bottle, the supplement facts panel, an ingredients list, and the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor. If the label on the CBD does not have these five statements and the company cannot provide testing results, DO NOT BUY IT and DO NOT USE IT! There is no telling what is in the product!

3 Things to Check Before You Buy

Extraction Methods: CO2 Extraction is safer than Ammonia or Ethanol which can leave chemical residues. LabNaturals PCR uses CO2 Extraction.

Source of the CBD: CBD derived from Marijuana may contain THC. Hemp is the better choice. Our CBD is derived from Hemp organically farmed in the USA. Imported Hemp has potential contaminates like pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. LabNaturals CBD products have NO detectable THC, pesticides, heavy metals, or solvents.

Independent Lab Testing: Without independent lab testing to ensure quality, potency, purity, and consistency there is no way to be sure that a product is correctly labeled and does not contain toxic chemicals and residues.

We have multiple levels of testing to ensure quality, potency, purity and consistency. Our supplier, Folium Biosciences, tests their base oil product both internally and through third party testing. We create a liquid from the base oil which is tested by Confidence Analytics for potency. Our finished products are also sent to Confidence Analytics where they are tested to ensure no detectable THC and accurate concentration labeling. All of our certificates of analysis are available below.

CBD Capsules

Green Scientific Labs CBD Caps 10mg 01132023_75170 - Exp. 06/30/2025

Green Scientific Labs CBD Caps 25mg 01132023_75168 - Exp. 06/30/2025 (retest)

CBD_Soft_Gels_25mg_Broad_Spectrum_Water_Soluble_PuraDyne_Solutions_all_tests (3) 02232023 - Exp. 02/23/2025

Product Information Packet for Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Softgels

Shop: CBD Capsules 10mg/100 Count

Shop: CBD Capsules 25mg/60 Count

Shop: CBD Capsules 25mg/100 Count

CBD Base Oil

Puradyne_Solutions_CBD_Distillate_BS_80_all_tests base oil - Exp. 10/14/2025

CBD Pain Balm


Green Scientific Labs CBD Pain balm 50gm jar - Exp. 06/30/2025 - result: 25.3mg/gm

Green Scientific Labs CBD Pain balm 50gm jar, 8gm trial size, and unscented 02142023 - Exp. 10/08/2025

Green Scientific Labs CBD Pain balm 50gm jar, 8gm trial size, and unscented 0232023 - Exp. 10/08/2025

CBD Hemp Oil

CBD 3000mg/30ml=100mg/ml

CBD Hemp Oil 3000mg/30ml (100mg/ml) - Exp. 03/31/2024 - result:105mg/ml

CBD 1200mg/30ml=40mg/ml

CBD Hemp Oil 1200mg/30ml (40mg/ml) - Exp. 03/31/2024 - result: 46.47mg/ml

CBD 600mg/30ml=20mg/ml

CBD Hemp Oil 600mg/ml (20mg/ml) - Exp. 03/31/2024 - result: 21.44mg/ml

CBD 250mg/30ml=8.33mg/ml

CBD Hemp Oil 250mg/ml (8.33mg/ml) - Exp. 06/30/2025 - result: 11.9mg/ml

Aliquot Liquid

Green Scientific Labs CBD Aliquot 250 per ml 02122023 - Exp. 01/12/2025

CBD Gummies

Wyld CBD+CBC 40ct Peach Gummies - Exp. 11/02/2024

Wyld CBD 20ct Lemon Gummies - Exp. 09/07/2024

Wyld CBD+CBN 2 pack & 20ct & 40ct Elderberry Gummies - Exp. 08/29/2024

Wyld CBD+CBG 20ct & 40ct Pear Gummies - Exp. 11/05/2024

Wyld CBD 20ct Raspberry Gummies - Exp. 11/05/2024

CBD Dog Chews

Viddlez Water Soluble CBD Dog Chews 5mg/chew - Exp. 05/2025 - result: 6.36mg/chew

Allergens and Ingredients Labeling Questionnaire - Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Softgels