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Hormone Balance for Men

The long-awaited work by John R. Lee, M.D. that sheds light on how men's hormones really work, what really causes prostate cancer, and how to supplement with natural hormones safely. It's a short book but it's packed with provocative insights and useful information.

Over and over again, Dr. Lee proved to his readers that he had a handle on how hormones work, and how to use them wisely for optimal health. His advice on thyroid dysfunction, osteoporosis, diet, diabetes, arthritis, brain health and much more has stood the test of time, and millions of women are healthier and happier for it.

However, Dr. Lee received a steady stream of letters and e-mails from women that said, "My hormones are working great now, but what about my husband's hormones? Please do a book for the men!"

Dr. Lee finally put it together in this remarkable little publication. Some of the topics this booklet explores include:

  • Hormones men make and in what amounts.
  • How estrogen makes men fat and enlarges their prostates.
  • How to supplement with natural hormones, including testosterone, androstenedione, DHEA and progesterone.
  • How to keep the prostate gland healthy.
  • The truth about prostate cancer (hint: it's not the testosterone).
  • What is DHT and how it affects a man's health.
  • What the PSA test really indicates.
  • Current research on men's hormones and prostate health.
  • And more…