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Glutathione 15% Cream

TOPICAL GLUTATHIONE** - The tripeptide Glutathione, is the master antioxidant, of the human body. Many biochemical processes are regulated, modified, or initiated by this crucial chemical. Glutathione goes to the organs that need replenishment first-lungs, brain, heart, and then other organs. 

  • Increases the micro-circulation in the tissues
  • Powerful antiviral and antifungal, and anti-inflammatory
  • Any condition that one would prescribe a steroid as the anti-inflammatory glutathione is superior to any steroid - With no side effects.(Glutathione is normally found in human tissues).
  • Psoriasis/Excema/Rosacea... AND SO MUCH MORE! 

60 gm

**You may notice a stronger than usual odor with the newer batches of Glutathione Palmitate cream. This is due to a slightly higher free sulfur content that occurs during the compounding process that cannot be avoided. It is still a highly effective product despite the odor of the cream. If you wish, the product can be scented with additional fragrances or essential oils by your request. If you wish to have your cream enhanced with a fragrance, please request this at the time of ordering. Thank you for your understanding.

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