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Trial Size Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

Moisturize Your Body!


Condition: Skin moisturizer, Joint health, Eye health, Vaginal dryness

Client Testimonials!

“I was hesitant to start Hyaluronic Acid capsules as I did not think they would be absorbed. I am so glad I did because my skin looks dewy and feels softer, my joints feel less creaky, and my eyes feel less dry!”


Actual Veterinarian Testimonial:
“Hercules, an elderly miniature pinscher, history of cyclosporin eye drops!  On HyaLife2 gel capsules per day! Schirmer test: “0” to “10” in 30 days!  {Schirmer test is a test of tear production}


"I just hate theway my skin feels without it!"
- A.


6 caps daily "My husband said, 'Oh my gosh! What happened to your legs? They've never been this smooth!"

- R.


  • Internal Moisturizer!
  •           Same great formulation, but twice the amount of Hyaluronic Acid per capsule!
  • Colored with all-natural turmeric!
  • Lower pill burden. Three capsules daily vs. six!
  • Same price per hyaluronic acid content!
  • Eco-friendly packaging! 
  • No price increase for a six-week supply
  • Restores elasticity and hydration to skin, giving it a more youthful appearance
  • Cuts healing time by as much as 40%
  • It is the natural “shock absorber”
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Improves sleep quality, aiding in the natural repair processes during sleeping
  • Protects the retina of the eye from injury
  • Improves joint lubrication and the cartilage structure of joints
  • Supports the healthy structure of all body parts, providing resiliency, movement with less friction
  • Helps regular the repair process of any injured body tissue, protecting against repetitive wear strain and chronic degeneration
  • Provides structural integrity to the cellular matrix that inhibits bacteria and viruses from reaching cells

• Unique, enzymatically cleaved formulation of hyaluronic acid designed for optimal GI absorption

• Marketed for over fifteen years to humans for skin, eye, joint, and wound health, we're finding amazing potential for animal applications as well!

• Easily absorbed! Enzymatic cleaving provides dramatically reduced molecular weight/size facilitates oral absorption (and consequent excretion in tears)

• Natural, rooster comb source has been safely used as a source of HA for injectable for osteoarthritis treatment of the knee for decades.

• Ophthalmologist’s community study - 100% of patients experienced improvement in dry eye symptoms. Patients report relief in hours (to overnight).

Patients report use before and after medical procedures lead to decreased healing times with less scarring. 


Trial Size