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Face RX Peptides Plus Glutathione

"I haven’t been this excited about an anti-aging skincare for a very long time”.
Susan M. - Owner


“I came into Murray Avenue Apothecary for my high quality Acetyl Glutathione and received a sample of their new Face RX Peptides plus Glutathione.

Glutathione in a face cream? I tried it and I am amazed at the difference in my skin, even overnight!  I came back and bought the Face RX Peptides plus Glutathione.  And the best thing is I can use my LabNaturalsSKIN Vitamin C Serum and LabNaturalsSKIN L-Retinol together with Face RX as a trio!!”

  • Glutathione repairs the DNA from sun damage and protects the skin from UV damage

  • Glutathione lightens dark spots over time to improve the skin’s appearance

  • Glutathione provides collagen and elastin repair and maintenance to firm the skin

  • Glutathione increases blood circulation to bring a rosy glow to the skin